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What is birth photography?

Birth photography is a documentary style of photography that captures the journey taken in birthing your child. This journey looks different to each and every client and we capture these journeys in a truthful but artistic series of images.

From the signage and equipment in your room, to the gentle touch of dad, the serenity between the surges, to the intensity of the push. Baby's first breath, your first glimpse, and the sigh of relief that you have entered parenthood. Your first feed, dad's first hold and of course baby's measurements and weights. ALL these tiny little details along the way make up your story!

Why hire a Perth birth photographer?

By hiring a Perth birth photographer, you ensure these special moments are captured in the most beautiful and respectful manner while also allowing your support person/s to be present in the moment that is meant to be full of emotion and excitement. Being able to enjoy it, cherish it and knowing you will always have visual memories to look back on over the years.

Why choose Four Element Photography to be your birth photographer?

Aileen Miller our head photographer and one of Perth’s leading birth photographers chose to specialise in this field due to the premature arrival of her own children, Isabella (36weeks) and Benjamin (32weeks). The pregnancy and birth of both children was traumatic and filled with complications resulting in a lack of visual memories to remember the moment she met her kids. Aileen is a fountain of knowledge on all things pregnancy and birth and strives to make sure women are educated in their birth options allowing them to have a magical experience knowing they have support.

If you would like to have a sticky beak at our birth stories, the links are below.

When should I book?

As early as possible! Due to the unpredictable nature of birth, I can only accept limited bookings per month. My calendar does fill fast, but we are happy to take enquiries at any stage during the pregnancy and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are you up to date with your vaccinations?

Yes, I Am. I have had all vaccinations of the WA vaccine schedule. I have also had my 3 yearly whooping cough vaccination and my yearly flu vaccination. I am more than happy to provide copies of these vaccination records. I also have yearly serology studies done to determine Hepatitis and HIV status and am more than happy to share my negative test results with you. As a parent to multiple immunocompromised prematurely born children, I take vaccination status highly to ensure your baby’s safety.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have public liability insurance as well as insurance on my equipment.

Do we meet before birth?

Yes, we do. I love to get to know my clients prior to the big day as it helps me establish a relationship of trust as well as prepare me for your desired birth plan as well as advocate for your wishes if you choose. For Birth sessions we have 1 antenatal consultation at time of booking and 1 antenatal about 36 weeks to find out if there is any changes with your pregnancy or delivery plan, provide another opportunity for you to ask questions in person and also just to get excited with you that you are almost there. In the case of booked caesarean sections we also like to have an extra consultation with you and your delivering Obstetrician to create a relationship with your main medical practitioner during the birth.

What happens if I go into labour before 38weeks?

Of all people, we completely understand that preterm birth happens, and we also know that there is a lot of fear surrounding preterm birth. If you think you are in preterm labour, pick up the phone and call us! We live in an on-call lifestyle majority of the time and we will do whatever it takes to be there for you.

What if I go into labour outside your standard business hours?

Standard business hours are only confined to new enquires. Once you are booked in my phone is on 24/7 for you from 38 weeks onward. If there is something that happens requiring urgent contact prior to 38 weeks, we ask that you call instead of message. You are more than welcome to message us questions or non-urgent updates outside of business hours, but there may be a delay in response. Baby's don't look at a clock and decide it's time to come during daylight, so we don't either.

How long do you stay at our birth?

This varies with every birth we attend. Generally, we attend at active labour (leave for hospital at 4-5cm), however we take several things into account when choosing when is the right time to leave. We look at previous birth experiences, dilation, effacement and station as well as asking how you are feeling. If you feel that it is time to join you, we will happily come in. Due to the unpredictable nature of birth we do require regular short breaks to ensure that we have a meal, update our family on our ETA and refill fluids. We always stay on hospital grounds during breaks and can be reached on our mobile if circumstances change quickly. We do have to be wary of fatigue and the dangers it poses. If we feel that fatigue is becoming a concern, we may elect for one of our colleagues to attend in our place for a few hours. We stay up to 2 hours postpartum. After capturing the golden hour, we stay for weights, measurements, checks and a family photo.

Do you cover caesarean sections?

Yes, I do, but I do require written permission from your Obstetrician prior to birth to gain entry to theater.

If it is an emergency caesarean section it is at the discretion to your attending Obstetrician to decide on theater entry. If entry is not permitted, I stay at the hospital to get all the precious first moments of your newborn and images of you together in recovery.

Caesarean Section is not grounds for discount and/or refund.

What if there are complications during the birth?

Unfortunately, birth doesn't always go to plan. If at any stage you feel you need a break, it is fine to ask for some time without me present. With a medical emergency happening, I follow directions and ques from medical professionals for course of action. Sometimes I can continue shooting, sometimes I must wait until the baby is safely delivered or there are less staff in the room obstructing the line of sight. These situations are always a case by case and are strongly influenced by the medical professionals in your room.

Do you offer videography?

I love to shoot video, and I tend to shoot little 10-20 second moments throughout your labour and during golden hour if requested before the birth. I do require you to check with your delivering hospital's policies as some hospital's don't allow videography.

What equipment do you use?

I use a full frame camera with dual SD slot designed to cope in low light situations with a variety of lenses. I do keep a flash on hand in case it is required but when used it is always bounced off the ceiling or walls, never directly at you or baby. I also carry a backup camera, multiple batteries, equipment chargers and multiple memory cards.

When do I receive my images and products?

You will receive a digital birth announcement within 48 hours of your birth. Basic product package that is included in your package (full gallery of digital images on USB, slideshow/film, 6x4 print of all gallery images and a custom framed hand and footprint with baby’s first portrait) will be ready within 4 weeks of the session. Any additional product purchases may take up to 4 weeks from purchase request.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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