Birth & Postpartum Visiting Etiquette

Birth & Postpartum Visiting Etiquette

When babies are born, there is no doubt that everyone wants to flock to see the new baby and congratulate the parents, but this can be incredibly overwhelming for a new Mum. We all need to respect the etiquette rules given by new Mothers in regard to the postpartum period. Here is a few ideas for your list to share prior to the birth of your new addition.

□ If we have told you we are in labour or baby is born before it is publicly announced, please keep it to yourself as we have waited a long time to make this announcement

□ Please don’t send multiple messages to us, we will reply when we can

□ Please don’t visit unannounced. Arrange a time that suits us

□ Please only arrange for a maximum of 30 mins for your visit

□ No vax, no visit prior to baby’s vaccinations (we respect your choice not to immunise, please respect our choice to decline your visit)

□ If you are sick, or have been around someone who is sick in the last 2 weeks, please reschedule your visit

□ Please wash/sterilise hands

□ Do not kiss the baby

□ Wait to be offered a hold or cuddle

□ Please allow for wardrobe malfunctions as we navigate breastfeeding or offer to leave the room during a feed

□ If baby shows feeding ques, please give back to Mum for a feed

□ If you are a smoker, please have a change of clothes before you visit

□ Don’t wear perfume

□ Don’t give advice unless asked

□ Do not comment on the state of Mum’s house or body

□ Offer to bring some food for Mum

□ Ask if there is anything you can do to help

□ Include Dad, older siblings and pets in your interactions

□ Always ask if you can bring your own kids. Don’t be offended if they say no

□ Do not wake the baby!

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