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Birth Trauma

Mum Meeting Premature Baby For the First Time

Did you know that 1 in 3 women class their birth as a traumatic experience and 1 in 4 women have major physical damage related to birth? While you may not consider a birth traumatic, it is a very personal experience and my be considered traumatic by the labouring Mum. We need to remember that everyone's perception of a traumatic birth is different and to support every Mum.

Birth trauma is not defined by a standard set of events and can vary widely.


- Wrong location

- Preterm birth

- Selected support people not present

- Not the intended birth plan


- Labouring too quick

- A prolonged labour

- Induction

- Inadequate pain relief

- Assisted delivery

- Episiotomy/Perineal tear

- Emergency caesarean section

- Concerns about survival and safety of self and baby

What can we do to help?

Your first step to getting help is your gp, midwife or OB. If there is physical damage, they can refer you to specialists who can help correct the damage done. If there is a decline in mental health, they can refer you to support networks, counselling, psychologist and psychiatrists as well as medication if required. Birth trauma is a hard topic to talk about for many women, but ladies you are not alone and speaking to a medical team about the problems you are having will allow the healing process to begin.

Australasian Birth Trauma Association

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