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Breaking of Waters

Breaking of Waters

Sometimes it’s a small trickle, sometimes it's a huge gush like you see in movies. Sometimes it's premature, sometimes they have to be broken by medical staff and rarely a baby is born en caul meaning waters intact!

Here are some fun but useful facts about breaking of waters:

1. When waters have broken, sometimes you don't get contractions straight away

2. You can safely go up to 24 hours with waters broken before the need to administer antibiotics for infection

3. If waters break before 37 weeks it is known as PPROM (Premature Prelabour Rupture of Membranes)

4. There is a test that can be administered at the hospital to determine if your waters have broken

5. En Caul births happen 1 in 80,000

6. Amniotic fluid is clear and can have no smell or smell sweet

7. If the amniotic fluid is green it means baby has passed meconium and you need to be seen immediately

8. There are 2 types of amniotic fluid, forewaters and hind waters.

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