Cesarean Awareness Month

Every mother has their own birthing journey. Some birth waterbirths, some have homebirths, some birth vaginally in an hospital and some ladies have Cesarean's. Be it emergency or scheduled, Cesarean is just as much a birth as the others. The baby simple needed to enter via the sunroof and this is still a magical moment for any mother.

Cesarean births are not "the easy way out" they are major surgery and require just as much courage and strength as any other type of birth. This is where I say "You are a queen!"

Just because you have a Cesarean does not mean you loose all control over your birthing journey! There are so many ways that the environment is changing to be more mother friendly. Just a few examples are having a clear theater screen, having your screen dropped after incision and some Obstetrician's are even allowing mum to pull baby from her tummy. These are all beautiful healing abilities for a birth.

Having photos has also been proven to be healing.

Many C-Section mum's don't get to be part of baby's weights and measurements, they don't get that initial skin to skin or that first family portrait until hours after their birth. Having photos of these important events can allow a mother to reconnect with her birth journey to feel it was a process she was part of not just a process that was done to her.

Congratulations to all Belly Birth mum's you are all QUEEN'S!