Cost of Doing Business

Cost of Doing Business

If we had $1 for every person who was shocked at our prices, we would be rich! Honestly at first glance, we are considered a premium service but there is a lot of things that factor into pricing that many people do not consider. A Perth birth photography session with Four Element Photography, be it hospital birth, birth centre or homebirth averages about 40-58 hours and starts at $1000 with add-on package features. We offer payment plans to help make it more affordable as well.

Where are the hours allocated?

3-5hours on digital communication (initial contact, discussing packages, package and add on information and discussing rough details)

2-4hours of face to face antenatal consultations

2-6hours travel for antenatal consultations

1hour on invoicing systems (contracts, invoicing, setting up workflows, questionnaires)

Up to 5 weeks on-call (longer if there is a history of preterm labour)

12-14hours at the birth

3hours travel for birth

4-6hours editing photo media

4-6hours editing video media

4-6hours creating products (slideshow/film, frames, custom birth announcements)

1-2hours ordering products

1-2hour for product presentation consultation

3hours for product consultation travel

Childcare - $7000 per year

$5000 per year – Daycare

$2000 per year – On-call babysitter

Communication - $3060 per year

$1740 per year – Phone

$1320 per year – Internet

Subscriptions - $1836 per year

$720 per year – Website fees

$360 per year – Invoicing system

$240 per year – File storage

$260 per year – Editing software

$156 per year – Microsoft office

$100 per year – Domain hosting

Vehicle - $3590 per year

$1600 per year – Maintenance and repairs

$600 per year – Insurance

$790 per year – Registration

$100 per year – Parking

$500 per year – Travel

Business Insurance - $420 per year

$420 per year – Public liability & Equipment cover

Marketing - $1000 per year

$400 per year – Marketing materials

$500 per year – Product samples

$100 per year – Ads

Products - $4200 per year

$4000 per year – Products

$200 per year – Postage

Office - $435 per year

$360 per year – Ink

$75 per year – Paper

Account Fees - $120 per year

$120 per year – Bank account fees

7% per transaction – PayPal fees

Vaccinations - $40 per year

$25 per year – Influenza vaccination

$45 per 3 years – Whooping cough vaccination

$30-70 per additional vaccinations

Equipment & Uniforms - $2580 per year

$2500 per 3 years – Camera

$500 per year – Lenses

$750 per 5 years – Off-body flash

$2000 per 5 years - Computer

$500 per year – Equipment calibration

$200 per year – Uniform


$50 per entry

Consultations - $200 per year

$200 per year – Food & drinks

Education & Training - $330 per year

$250 per year – Courses

$80 per year – International accreditation

After itemising our yearly deductions, you can see the expenses rack up quickly. These deductions do not include the 9.5%-12% paid in super from each pay as well as accounting for 1/3 of incoming payments being allocated to tax. We require $25,811 per financial year to break even on deductions of running a sustainable, reliable business and this is before we pay ourselves a wage for the hours, we have worked to create this income. If we go based on our minimum birth package of $1000, we require 26 birth clients per year, 2-3 clients per month to break even. Keep in mind that, each client has up to a 5 week on-call period which does cause overlap. This means we then need to factor in the price of a backup birth photographer (don’t fret, we have a group of lovely ladies that can all count on each other to provide outstanding support and everlasting captures in the time of our absence) for the odd chance that clients end up delivering at the same time or very close together. Birth clients always take the top of our priority list and often we must put our own personal lives on hold to be there 100% for your family. Money aside, we love our job, we love being part of expanding families and most of all we love providing such an intimate and sentimental service of a moment that only happens once. We would not give it up for the world!