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Covid19 and Perth Birth Photography

Covid 19 and Perth Birth Photography

We are in uncharted waters when it comes to the possibility of having birth support during this worldwide pandemic and hopefully all you expecting Mum’s can look back on your birth during this time and view it as a positive experience. There are many of you missing out on extra support people, doulas, birth photographers and in some places, I believe some are missing student midwives as well.

Here is what we currently know about the restrictions in Perth, Western Australia:

- All hospitals are only allowed 1 support person through labour and golden hour

- Most hospitals are only allowing 1 hour of visits in the morning and 1 hour of visits in the afternoon

- All labour and visits must be the same person through the whole process

- Some hospitals are requesting the nominated support person to not leave the hospital through the entire stay

- Hospitals will allow extra support under compassionate grounds (stillbirth or baby not expected to live longer than 48 hours)

- If you deliver preterm or your baby requires NICU for another reason, there is strict policies in place to ensure the safety of these babies

- Only the birthing mother can attend prenatal appointments

- Many appointments are being moved over to video conferencing where possible

There are still many ways to ensure your support team is still able to help without having them physically there.

To those of you who are already booked with us over the coming months and are wondering how we are proceeding forwards, please do not fret!

We have a step by step guide with picture examples from our previous works to show you the details we take to create your story (you must be a booked client with balance paid in full by 36 weeks to receive this guide). With this we also give you the option to take images with your phone or hire one of our professional cameras for us to then edit the photos and create your slideshow, custom birth announcement and your custom frame (we do require you to collect an inkless print kit from us for the frame). We are also offering a complimentary session within 12 months of the birth (milestone or family sessions).

We are also available for phone or video calls throughout the on-call period and through postpartum.

We look forward to meeting all these beautiful babies that are born during this time and excited to capture the boom of babies conceived during this social distancing period!

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