Fun Facts About Pregnancy

Fun Facts
  • your sense of smell increases during pregnancy

  • your blood volume can increase by up to 50% during pregnancy

  • the first successful IVF treatment was performed in 1977

  • the longest pregnancy recorded of 375 days (average pregnancy is 280 days) was delivered in 1945 (gestational period is based on woman's last menstrual cycle

  • in utero, babies eat before the mother by taking the nutrients they need through the umbilical cord and what is left over is to sustain the mother

  • the foetus develops their unique fingertips at about 3 months gestation

  • advanced medical technology allows us to attempt to save babies as early as 23 weeks gestation

  • the male sperm determines the gender of the baby. sperm carry either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome and the mother carries an X chromosome with the possible genders being XX (female) or XY (male)

  • if the maternal mother is rhesus negative, they require rhesus injections during pregnancy to prevent her body from attacking the foetus's blood cells

  • when men display symptoms of pregnancy (during partners pregnancy) it is known as couvade syndrome or sympathetic pregnancy

  • foetal cells can travel from the placenta into the mothers body and repair damage in the mothers body

  • the sound of someone else's baby crying can cause a other to lactate during and after birth

  • the only natural form of induction that has been scientifically proven to assist is nipple stimulation

  • orgasms can cause the uterus to contract

  • baby girls are born with all their eggs in their ovaries, whereas baby boys don't develop sperm until puberty

  • 1 in every 2000 babies are born with teeth

  • as long as you are not having pregnancy complications, or on pelvic rest, sex during pregnancy is safe

  • you are more prone to UTI's in pregnancy

  • Turkey has the highest rate (50.4%) of c-sections while Iceland has the lowest rate (15.2%)

  • maternal mothers heart grows in size to accomodate the extra blood volume

  • the uterus expands about 500 times its normal size

  • it is incredibly rare, but a women can become pregnant with another child while already being pregnant known as superfetation

  • babies can cry in utero

  • babies can taste strong flavoured foods in utero

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