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NICU Necessities

32 Week baby in NICU

NICU is draining on all families and but heres a little checklist to help make things a little easier on you.

  1. Snacks - and endless supply of snacks is so useful because you are bound to get hungry and hospital food is incredibly expensive when you're buying it every day, sometimes multiple times per day

  2. Clothing - easy access clothing is a must for one of the main recommendations for NICU babies, which is kangaroo care. This is when baby is placed skin to skin against mum's chest. Kangaroo care stimulates babies to help them breathe on their own, help them learn to regulate their temperature and they will also smell your milk. Even if you aren't able to breastfeed due to an NG tube, smelling mum's milk is still a great tool for encouraging babies with their feeds. Also bring a jumper and a spare set of clothes in case you get cold or you are at the hospital for longer than you intended.

  3. Entertainment - many NICU parents spend hours on end sitting with their baby and it's helpful to have something to spend your time doing like reading a book or knitting to help create some normalcy that would be recreated at home while they are resting. They will feel your presence as most NICU babies can't be physically interacted with constantly.

  4. Babies clothing - its nice to bring in 1 or 2 outfits for your newborn baby that they are able to be dressed in when they are ready to move into an open cot. Their first outfit will always be incredibly special to hold on to.

  5. Storage for baby items - NICU items can't be reused on other babies which means, NICU families can keep babies items and having a little storage container to keep them in helps prevent them getting lost.

- cpap beanie

- o2 sensor

- temperature sticker

- premmie nappy

- jollypop dummy

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