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Phone vs. Professional

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Birth photography, Fresh 48 and NICU sessions are a luxury service that not all are interested in or see the value in hiring a professional for.

"I can take images just as good with my phone" is the famous quote I hear all the time, but I ask you. If you need brain surgery would you go to a neurosurgeon or a general surgeon? Your answer would be a neurosurgeon because they have trained in that field. The same goes for a professional birth photographer! We have trained for getting fantastic, jaw dropping photos as well as trained to work safely and professionally in a birth space.

Phone vs. Professional

Phone vs. Professional

All phone images used in comparison below are on phones purchased in the last 3 years and all professional images are taken on a full frame DSLR camera. While small files like this are only a portion of what can be compared the real comparison happens when the raw images are enlarged.

Tried and tested, I can blow one of my images up to a 32inch x 48inch canvas and still look crisp and clear whereas an image taken on an iPhone 11 started to pixelate.

Mobile phones have come an incredibly long way in the last 10 years and their capabilities are outstanding currently, but they still can't be compared in the same league as a full frame DSLR camera that has capabilities of working in a pitch-black room without using flash.

Working in manual mode, I have full control over:

  • The Exposure Triangle (ISO, F Stop & Shutter Speed)

  • White Balance

  • Off-Camera Flash

  • Angle of Lighting

  • True Tone Skin Colour

  • Colour/Black & White

My camera is also able to hold dual memory cards allowing me to save images to both. This capability allows me to ensure the safety of your memories and prevent the loss of files if a memory card becomes corrupted.

Hire a professional, and allow you and your support people focus on bringing your beautiful baby earthside safely.

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