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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Support through Holding Hands

Respect plays a huge role in our job! Respect of the medical staff and their role to play in a safe delivery, respect to the environment we are working in and most importantly respect of the birthing mother and her family.

Respecting the Staff

The staff play a huge role in what we can and can't photograph. If an emergency happens, they need to know that we won't obstruct them in completing necessary steps to ensure Mum and Bub's safety. This may mean having to cease photographing for a period of time or to only photograph from a specific location in the room. When we enter a birth space, we introduce ourselves to all medical staff in attendance and create an immediate relationship to understand what we can and can't photograph from the beginning and assure them to tell us to move or cease photographing if required. There may also be procedures or equipment that we can't photograph. It is common for staff to refuse having their image taken unless they are unidentifiable in the image and we respect that also.

Respecting the Environment

We are invited into a birth space and need to take this seriously. Sometimes we have to miss the best shot to ensure the safety of Mum and baby. We must sterilize our hands and equipment when we arrive and regularly while we are there to ensure no contamination happens. Anything on blue is a sterile area and must not be touched to prevent infection.

Respect the Birthing Mother and Family

We have antenatal appointments to ensure we know your birth plan inside and out. We know regularly that birth doesn't always follow these plans but to have an idea of what you want allows us to plan where to position ourselves for the photos you want captured. We offer to step outside whenever internal checks are done and if we feel you might like some alone time. Never hesitate to ask us for some alone time! We also ask prior to birth how you would like us to handle an emergency situation, generally the staff will ask us to cease photographing until baby is born safely but it is your choice to say no to photography during these situations also. Entry to theatre is based on medical staff and your choice also.

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