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Vaginal Breech Birth

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3 Differnt Breech Presentations

Do your midwives and obstetricians keep telling you to have a c-section because baby is presenting breech? Well hold up a minute a vaginal breech birth is one of your choices! Get all the facts below on how you can still have a wonderful vaginal birth BREECH

What does breech mean?

Breech presentation means that baby has their head at the top of the belly and their bum or legs towards the cervix. There are 3 types of breech presentation. Frank breech, complete breech and footling breech.

Frank Breech - Baby's legs are up, straight knees and feet next to their ears

Complete Breech - Baby's legs are up against its abdomen as if to be sitting cross legged

Footling Breech - Baby is delivered 1 foot or both feet through the birthing canal first

Many women with a breech baby after 36 weeks are advised that a c-section is their safest route. While a vaginal birth carriers a few extra risks if you have no other complications, facilities to cope with emergency c-sections and staff members trained in breech birth (you may have to transfer to a high risk hospital) you are a perfect candidate to attempt a vaginal breech birth.

What positions are best for birthing breech? Any upright position that uses gravity to bring baby down. Standing, kneeling or hands and knees are all good options.

What complications can present with a breech birth?

The most common complication is that the head and sometimes arms can become stuck and need assistance to be delivered as the head is the biggest part of the body. In a natural vaginal delivery, the head is delivered first which makes way for the rest of the body whereas breech being bum first sometimes needs assistance for the head.

Umbilical cord prolapse is a possibility as the baby doesn't always fill the birth canal, the cord can descend too early and become pinched in the birthing canal. The cord is the lifeline for baby and is what supplies baby oxygen while going through the birth process. Injury to the skull is a low chance possibility as a natural birth the skull is moulded to fit through the pelvis gradually whereas breech birth happens at a faster rate.

We have included some video links of strong empowering mothers who have birthed breech is it your turn to follow in their footsteps?

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