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What NOT to Eat During Pregnancy

Yummy Food at a Baby Shower

We all know there are foods to avoid during pregnancy, but do you know what foods they are? We are told to monitor what we eat because of bacterial growth like salmonella or listeria as well as diet control for diabetics.

- Processed/Raw/Uncooked meat

- Raw/Undercooked fish or seafood

- Soft Cheeses

- Unpasteurized dairy

- Raw/Undercooked egg

- Premade salads

- Sprouts

- Leftovers

Vitamin A in large doses is toxic to babies

Vitamin E is only recommended when trying to conceive. Cam cause low birth weight and heart defects

Vitamin B6 in large doses (above 100mg per day) can cause nerve damage. There is very little research about its ability to help with morning sickness

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