Wonder Weeks

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What are wonder weeks?

Wonder weeks are leaps of developments your child makes. They are generally based on due dates as opposed to actual birth dates and vary slightly for each child on when they happen. Prematurely born babies are likely to have their wonder weeks at a later stage than babies born at term. There is an app available for both apple and android to be able to track your individual leaps.

Leap 1 (about week 5)

- changing of senses

- growth spurt

- start responding to stimuli

- social smiles (instead of windy smiles)

- more alert

Leap 2 (about week 8-9)

- recognizes simple patterns

- recognizes familiar people

- starting to hold own head

- turns to sounds

- starts grasping for objects

Leap 3 (about week 12)

- transitioning of senses to become more aware of surroundings

- following with eyes

- starting to roll

- experimenting with sound making

- interest in light and different sound frequencies

Leap 4 (about week 15-19)

- experimenting on making events happen

- mastering grasping

- increased fine motor skills

- looking for familiar people

- responding to self in mirror

- show when full of milk

Leap 5 (about week 23-26)

- increased mobility and limb coordination

- understanding of relationships

- investigate objects

- pull to standing with assistance

Leap 6 (about week 34-37)

- starting to categorize items

- exploration of objects

- recognizes some words

- practice crawling movements

Leap 7 (about week 41-46)

- start understanding sequences

- answer simple questions

- understand how individual toys work

Leap 8 (about week 52-54)

- using observation to learn new skills

- repetition of actions

Leap 9 (about week 59-61)

- express emotion

- Independence in actions

- understanding possession

Leap 10 (about week 70-76)

- change behaviour to change the outcome of events

- use language to express emotions

- become more empathetic

- test boundaries to find out limits

- learn ownership and sharing

- begin to understand time

- create simple conversation

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