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A fleeting moment, so precious, so priceless and forever worthy of being preserved!

Hi, and welcome to Four Element Photography.

Let us begin by saying Congratulations on your expected bundle of joy!

I'm Aileen and I specialise in Birth, NICU and Fresh 48 photography at all major hospitals and home births across Perth metropolitan including Joondalup Health Campus, St John of God - Midland, Peel Health Campus and everything in between. Our services also include Maternity, Lifestyle Newborn and Family sessions to create a wholesome story of your journey into motherhood. We also offer bereavement sessions to families that are given devastating news for their little ones.

We have been capturing birth stories since 2017 and we cherish every new addition with the families that we service.



- The hero support of partners and family

-The emotion filled moment you lay eyes on your baby for the first time

- The beautiful bonding of skin to skin

- All of baby's features that make them unique

- The first feed, breast or bottle

- The weights and measurements

- Partner's and family's first holds

- Baby's first portrait

- First family portrait with your new addition



Bree Adams


"I was contacted by Aileen with the offer of her doing the bereavement photography for our baby girl. My partner and I were given a grim diagnosis for our girl but we decided to carry her for as long as she would stay with us. She unfortunately passed away at 34weeks.


Without Aileen offering her services we would never have been able to capture these precious memories with our girl. They are the only physical things we have of our baby now and they turned out beautifully.


She was there through everything and was so respectful of my Māori culture and our protocols that we follow. I would choose Aileen again and again for any photos we have done in the future and if we are blessed with another bundle of joy she will be the first one we call."

Danielle Dyjak


"I hired Aileen to capture the birth of my son. Aileen joined my supporting birth team alongside my partner and mother.


Her communication was beautiful I couldn't have asked for better. Her great instinct allowed her to make my birth on time despite the fact the nurses gave us a much longer time line.

I didn't have to stress over people taking wrong photos shaking hands, moments being missed. I could just go through my labour knowing you were there but being able to relax and trust in you. Most of those photos I didn’t even know you took.

I also enjoyed getting to know you. Then after the excitement of seeing the photos and the hard work that came with it.

The story, I had so many people screw up their nose saying why do you want a professional photographer but once they saw the pictures and the actual story line they wished they had you at theirs."

Brooke Sharpe


"Absolutely amazing, was very happy with the photos that were taken and the support that was given since making the booking right up to after birth.


The whole experiene with you being there was amazing, you knew what I wanted and kept reminding me to push through, to remember what I wanted and what I didn't want.


Seeing the amazing photos taken was perfect and they will be lifelong memories always wityh me.


Communication was and still is excellent from weeks before birth right up until now.

You will not regret choosing Aileen as your photographer! She was completely professional and supported me heaps to stay with my intended birth plan and I was successful.


I have since had Aileen at my following two births and every time it astounds me just how magical her images are"

Taylor Pix


"Absolutely amazing, it was like she wasn't even there but the photos were so intimate and beautiful. I usually hate photos of myself but I'm getting one placed onto a large canvas for the house of me and my partner.


She was so professional and friendly and left by the end of it like a good friend as if I'd known her my whole life. I felt so comfortable around her and it portrays in my photos. She knew what I wanted and gave me exactly that. She listened to my long checklist and went above and beyond


I was so nervous about hiring a photographer and paying money to have photos that I hated of myself, but I've actually had the opposite problem and wish I could afford for her to follow me around and capture all the moments with my little family.


I have had Aileen photograph all 3 of my babies and have thoroughly enjoyed including her in our expanding family."


0423 281 474



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