What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is a documentary style of photography that us designed in a way to capture all the little and important details of your journey. We capture from gorgeous baby bumps, birth and your new bundle of joy. We are there to capture the birth but it's more than that, it's the physical and emotional aspects of birth.

From the signage and equipment in your room, to the gentle touch of dad, the serenity between the surges, to the intensity of the push. Baby's first breath, your first glimpse, and the sigh of relief that you have entered parenthood. Your first feed, dad's first hold and of course baby's measurements and weights. ALL these tiny little details along the way make up your story!

Why pick Four Element Photography as your Birth Photographer?

With professional training to work in a birth space with unpredictable lighting situations we capture your story with the utmost care while being as discrete and unobtrusive as possible. We ensure to build a good relationship with you as the booking client as well as your medical professionals taking care of you as safety of mum and baby is of top priority.

We have also given birth to 2 prematurely born children of our own (36weeks and 32weeks) so we have a personal understanding of the birth process, and the emotions surrounding birth and birth trauma.

What hospitals do you work at?

I service 15 maternity hospitals across the WA metropolitan area from Joondalup through to Peel, as well as the Family Birthing Center and the Community Midwifery Program.

When should I book?

As early as possible! Most of my clients book between the moment they see those 2 lines on a test through to the end of their first trimester. I can only accept limited birth's per month due to the unpredictable nature of birth and my calendar does fill fast. However please don't hesitate to contact at any stage of your pregnancy to book as there may still be availability.

I love the idea of Birth Photography but myself or my partner aren't sure about an extra person in the room? It is a very private moment

Ultimately it is your decision as you are the one birthing the baby. I am a professional, I aim to capture your birth accurately and unobtrusively.We always have prenatal consultations that allow for you and your partner to learn the role I play and to find a comfort zone that works for you. I am a trained professional who works along side medical professionals to ensure you and your baby have a safe arrival.

If you still feel that it may not be for you we also offer Fresh 48 sessions that allow you to get some rest and freshen up before getting nice photos of your family and newborn.

Are you up to date with your vaccinations?

Yes I am and I can provide vaccination records at consultation upon request. I also have my yearly flu vaccinations for extra protection to your newborn.

Do we meet before the birth?

Most certainly. We have 1-2 consultations prior to the birth as it is a very private moment and you need to feel comfortable with us. In the case of booked caesarean sections we also like to have an extra consultation with you and your delivering Obstetrician to create a relationship with your main medical practitioner during the birth.

What happens if I go into labour before 38weeks?

Premature labour happens so please don't hesitate to call. I spend most of my time in the on-call lifestyle and will do my absolute best to attend your birth. If for any reason I am unable to make it my backup photographer will be sent in my place or the session fee can be transferred to a fresh 48 session with print credits.

What if I go into labour in the middle of the night?

We are on call 24/7 from 38 weeks onward. Baby's don't look at a clock and decide it's time to come during daylight so we don't either.

Do you cover Caesarean Sections?

Yes I do, but I do require written permission from your Obstetrician prior to birth to gain entry to theater.

If it is an emergency caesarean section it is at the discretion to your attending Obstetrician to decide on theater entry. If entry is not permitted, I stay at the hospital to get all the precious first moments of your newborn and images of you together in recovery.

Caesarean Section is not grounds for discount and/or refund.

What if there is an emergency?

Unfortunately birth doesn't always go to plan. If at any stage you feel you need a break, it is fine to ask for some time without me present. With a medical emergency happening I follow directions and ques from medical professionals for course of action. Sometimes I can continue shooting, sometimes I have to wait until the baby is safely delivered or there are less staff in the room obstructing the line of sight. These situations are always a case by case and are strongly influenced by the medical professionals in your room.

Do you shoot video?

I love to shoot video, and I tend to shoot little 10-20second moments throughout your labour if requested before the birth. I do require you to check with your delivering hospital's policies as some hospital's don't allow videography.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I do. Packages totaling $500 or more are eligible for payment plans. Please let us know if you are interested in a payment plan upon booking and we will go into further detail with you.

Do you use flash to take your images? What if your camera fails?

Yes and No. Labour rooms can be very dark but we have invested in high quality equipment designed to cope with low level lighting. During the crowning process thing's do happen very fast and sometimes it is required to use a flash to get a crisp, clear image. The flash is always bounced off the roof and never directly into your eyes.

For the issue with failure of equipment we carry backups of all of our equipment.

When do I receive my images?

We shoot anywhere from 50 to over 500 images at a birth and this does take some time to go through. We provide you with a digital birth announcement presented on our Facebook page within 24hours of the birth and the approval to release. Final digital collection available 2 weeks post birth at your ordering session. Gift print's, canvas's, metal art and photobooks up to 4 weeks after your order session.

What happens if you miss the birth?

In the unlikely event that I miss your birth due to any circumstance that is neither the fault of you or myself (for example; a precipitous labour, car accident) I will offer to transfer the balance to a golden hour or fresh 48 session and products.

We also have a team of professional birth photographers to network with that we are 110% confident to take our place in the time of need.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! I have the appropriate insurance for the environment I work in.