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Birth of Baby Regan | Emergency Caesarean | King Edwards Memorial Hospital

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Birth of Baby Regan

After spending a few months creating an amazing relationship with Danielle we had the pleasure of being part of one of the biggest days of her life, but also one of the scariest.

With impending health complications, it was decided by medical staff that Danielle's induction was to begin immediately. With open lines of communication throughout early labour, it was determined that we would be in for a long haul. After being in labour since the previous day they decided at 2pm and only 2-3cm dilated, to break her waters and hopefully speed up the process. Contractions were strong and causing Danielle to fall unconscious during each surge. An epidural was chosen but baby was still expected to be another 10+ hours from arriving. At 4pm I began to have a gut churning feeling that something had changed, it was time to leave for the hospital even though mum was only at 3cm. Arriving at 5 to Danielle in a much calmer state than when we had last spoke, her arms laying to the side as doctors used ultrasound to try and find an IV point. Numerous needle marks and 3 different doctors, one was finally inserted allowing mum to get the antibiotics required.

With an epidural preventing Danielle from feeling much, we rely largely on constant fetal monitoring to provide the information to form the picture. Unfortunately, Danielle's monitoring was not looking good. Baby was showing signs of fetal distress. A fetal scalp blood sampling was performed by the doctor to determine baby’s oxygen levels. Danielle was now 7cm and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but at that moment the world stood still, and the words echoed as if you were in an empty hall.

"We are worried about your baby!"

Danielle broke down, partially coming to the realization that she was unable to have her dream birth but the idea your baby is in danger will scare any mother and it hits like a freight train!

Partner, Duane held her hand promising her the world, assuring her that the 3 of them would come out safely on the other side. With a rush of nurses and doctors and signing of paperwork, Danielle was out the door, being wheeled down a corridor with no more than the support of Duane.

Her Mother and I sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hours, just waiting to hear any news, jumping at every person who walked through the room wondering if they were the to ones to tell us that something had gone wrong. Her Mother chose to confide in me about her birth experience, breaking down in tears in the fear history was repeating again. What do you say to someone who has a rational fear of losing a child? There is no right answer you hold their hand and listen to them, let them know that someone is listening and someone cares, feel their fear and help them to embrace it for positive to come.

A door screeched, we look up and out strolls Duane with a smile from ear to ear. His face alone told us that everyone was safe, he was glowing, he was a dad and he was certainly proud. It was like the adrenaline of fireworks going off in that empty room. They did it! 2 became 3 and a new journey into motherhood had begun. After sitting down flicking through photo's on Duane's phone of their handsome little man, we were told Danielle would still be in recovery a while.

We assisted Duane in taking bags to the car, returning to theatre wait room. After 15minutes a nurse came to tell us that Danielle has already been moved to the ward and that she was worried that we had all left her. The pure joy on her face when Duane and I walked into that room said it all. The long hours we endure, the trauma we go through with clients, it is all worth it for that magical moment when Mum thanks’ you for being part of her team of rock's in a hard place.

I would go back and hold Danielle's hand 1000's times over; she was pure strength and courage through some of the scariest moments a Mum can go through.

Staying 5 hours post birth to get portrait's and weights and measurements and to just be part of such pure love filled atmosphere makes me shed a tear to say that I am proud of Danielle both as a Mum and as a Woman!

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