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Laura - TENS Hire Perth

Updated: Jun 8

Normally portraiture sessions are not something we offer, but when Laura reached out on Facebook for a photographer I offered my services. Laura has multiple business in the birth industry and is a registered nurse and midwife who is currently a midwife at Armadale hospital.

Laura is also a certified hypnobirthing practitioner, pregnancy massage therapist, registered yoga instructor and has recently branched out into TENS hire and birth pool hire. Laura owns TENS Hire Perth where she offers these additional services to all women.

Laura is a large wealth of knowledge and has always been there to answer any questions I may have regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I've popped a link to her website below for anyone who is interested in her services. She also has a Facebook and Instagram account to see her amazing work and another easy way to reach out to her regarding her services in the birth world.

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