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Tay Family

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Golden Hour Session - Tay Family

One of our first sessions of 2017 was the Tay family who had a golden hour photography session. When I was first starting out in birth photography, I also offered golden hour sessions that covered the initial 1-2 hours following birth. This wonderful family invited me to be part of their journey to capture all the special moments following their birth.

Susanty started her labour in the early hours and headed to her chosen hospital, St John of God - Subiaco where she laboured peacefully using hypnobirthing techniques. As the sun came up, I received the call that she was 7cm and that it was time for me to head towards the hospital. During the drive, her supportive husband let me know that she was starting to push and I arrived shortly after their son was born.

I got the honour of capturing baby's first breastfeed, lots of little baby details like hands, feet, eyes, nose and his full head of hair. His Dad put on his nappy and dressed his son for the first time and swaddling him up for a cuddle with a gentle kiss on the forehead.

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