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Birth of Baby Kenzie | VBA2C |Armadale Memorial Hospital

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Birth of Baby Kenzie

Now it's not every day that you have a client contact you that is choosing to go for a VBAC let alone after 2 caesareans but that's just what this amazing mum of 4 soon to be 5 was doing. Working as a midwife in the hospital she was delivering at she already had the measures in place in case of another c-section for us to still get to capture the birth. Her colleague, husband and sister-in-law by her side encouraging her amazing inner strength for a VBAC!

I was contacted by Jess very late into her pregnancy through a model call I ran to photograph my first birth. We were aware from the beginning, that it would be an induction unless spontaneous labour begun beforehand.

On June 14th I arrived at the hospital at about 9am as induction medication was started through a drip.

Early labour was slow. Jess spent some time on the fit ball helping baby move down into the birth canal before opting to have a rest on the bed. Time was passed chatting, eating a wonderful vegetable platter made by Justin (husband) and watching Star Wars. As Jess was a midwife at this hospital, we got to hear some beautiful, shocker and downright crazy births that her and her midwife had worked together previously.

As things progressed and contractions were closer and stronger, Justin took his position at Jess's side, holding her hand, resting a damp cloth on her head and sharing a few giggle worthy moments together to lighten Mum's mood.

A cute little outfit, matching beanie and blanket all laid out on the panda bed waiting for their little man to wear them.

It came time to push, with every contraction Jess moved baby Kenzie down, crowning gently listening to her midwifes guidance. This is when things really started to speed up! One more surge and baby Kenzie was born, caught by mum and straight onto her chest. No pain relief, no fear, just pure trust in her body and support team with a happy, healthy baby boy on her chest. 1:24pm Kenzie Jace Jacques was born.

After a few minutes of skin to skin, snuggled up on Mum's chest covered with a full layer of vernix, superstar mum still kept owning her birth and cut the cord herself. The following hour spent of baby Kenzie latching well for his first feed wide eyed looking back at mum. Learning her smell, recognising her voice as dad peered over her shoulder with pure love for his newborn child.

Kenzie's measurements and weights were done coming in at 3.45kg a very healthy, happy baby. After a few nice family photos and Kenzie's first portrait, congratulations were shared, and the family left to have that beautiful bonding time together.

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